What Deductible Should You Choose For Auto Insurance?

Today I'm gonna make an article about auto insurance deductibles and give you some helpful tips that may help you when it's time to pay your bill every month and also help you more importantly probably when it's time to file the claim and pay those deductibles.

So, for most car insurance policies depending upon. What coverage you select on your vehicle you're going to have anywhere between one and three different deductibles. Of course, when it comes to deductibles one thing, that some people might or might not understand is that the higher deductible you choose on your policy.

The lower your premiums will be the reason being is if you carry a higher deductible. You're basically taking on more of the risk in the event of a claim, so because you're taking on more the risk by carrying a higher deductible, the insurance companies offer you a discounted rate. So the first type of deductible that you may carry would be your uninsured motorist coverage deductible.

This is optional coverage, it covers you and protects you in the event that you're hit by somebody who doesn't have insurance or a hit-and-run situation or possibly they hit you they're at fault but they don't have enough coverage to pay out for your damages.

The minimum deductible in Georgia for uninsured motorist is two hundred and fifty dollars. We don't suggest going over to fifty, you may have an option from say five hundred or maybe a thousand dollar deductible but by going over to fifty, because uninsured motorist is one of your lesser or least expensive coverages on your policy.

You're not gonna be saving any money significant amount of money, so stick with the to pick a deductible will be my professional advice. The second type of the doctor believe may have maybe with your comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive covers things like fire theft vandalism if you hit an animal or deer, falling trees tree limbs and of course cracked windshields and broken glass your comprehensive coverage. If you look at your declarations page, which shows a breakdown if your coverages and what you pay per coverage, it's probably gonna be one of your least expensive coverages. So by carrying a higher deductible you're not really gonna be saving that much money you got to pay more on a pocket if you have a claim.

Usually for a comprehensive deductible, I suggest not to go over 250 keep it at 250 maybe 100 in some cases. If the price is not too much, you may even want to carry a zero deductible. If your car insurance company offers that type of deductible and then the third and final deductible will be your collision deductible.

Collision coverage is the coverage as used a lot when it comes to claims so because of the frequency of using that particular coverage it's one of your most, if not the most expensive coverage in your policy so by carrying a higher deductible here is where you're going to see your savings in most cases so we suggest for most people to carry deductr will say $500 you can carry less than that maybe 250 or 100 but we would not go over 500 and a lot of times. If your vehicle is financed you won't be able to go over $500 for that deductible.

Anyway so discuss your deductible options with your insurance agent. This is about What Deductible Should You Choose For Auto Insurance?